Our Values & Approach

Capturing a meaningful, intangible, and magical connection between human beings. That’s really the center of what we do. We’re passionate about connection, adventure, emotion, and community. We document all this through soulful storytelling. These ideas have been at the forefront of what we do since we officially launched in 2013 (and even well before that, truth be told). But in addition to these driving forces that define our priorities, style, and approach—we have some even deeper core values and principles that define how we run this business, where we donate our dollars, how we treat our clients, and how we approach every event. We believe everyone deserves respect. No matter your ethnicity, age, gender, size, abilities, faith, or country of origin (we’re immigrants, too!), we believe you are a unique and inspired human being and you are absolutely worthy. Trust is what we are founded on, and we are committed to ensuring you can trust us fully, in order to be vulnerable with us, and welcome us into your world.  We are SO glad you’re here.

What we stand for – Photo by Let's Frolic Together

Simply put, the principles and values that are ever-present in everything we do:

  • RESPECT: For you. For ourselves. For every person of every creed, race, country, status, beliefs, age, shape.
  • EMPATHY: We’re not just happy for you, we’re happy with you. Whether experiencing joy or frustration or anything in-between, empathy for your experience—our ability to feel what you feel, to put ourselves truly in your shoes—guides how we work with you.
  • TRUST: How we do our best work is building a relationship in which you feel you can fully trust us to respect you, to value you, to prioritize you, and to do right by you and your guests. You knowing we have your back matters to us.
  • VULNERABILITY: The foundation of trust we build together is what provides space and support for you to truly be yourselves with us. You being comfortable to be open and honest with us, to welcome us into your world, to know we value and understand you, and know we will take good care of you: this is how we reflect the authentic story of who you are.
  • ADAPTABILITY: Life happens. Things don’t always go as planned. Especially when it comes to bringing your wedding to life. Adaptability is what enables us to take fantastic care of you, no matter what. We are equipped to handle the unexpected, to approach things from a new angle, to make new plans, or to just roll with the punches. Our flexibility helps ensure that when it’s all said and done, we made it work.
  • EXCELLENCE: Frankly, we don’t know how to give less than our very best. We don’t settle for ‘good enough’. Our standards are extremely high.
  • AUTHENTICITY: AKA Bullshit-free. We keep it real. We’ll tell you when we have concerns about something. We keep you informed with great communication that’s not about fluff. We have no tolerance for bullshit or shmooziness. What you see is what you get.
  • EQUALITY & DIVERSITY: In our staff, in our clientele, and in those we collaborate with. In fact, let’s expand on this with three major ideas:
  • We believe that Black Lives Matter
    We believe that Black Lives Matter

    And that all people of color and differing ethnicities are worthy and deserve to be treated with respect and appreciation. That your cultural history is important, that your lived experience must not be erased, overlooked, or dismissed. It is our job to listen, acknowledge, and support you in whatever way we can, and speak out emphatically against white supremacy and the systems that enable the oppression of BIPOC. We are committed not just to equality, but to anti-racism and dismantling the systemic racism that has plagued this country for hundreds of years.

  • We believe that Love is Love
    We believe that Love is Love

    We believe in marriage equality. We are supporters and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We believe that your desire to marry the person you love should not come with gendered restrictions, and that your love is as beautiful and valid as anyone else’s. The fight for equal rights inspires us always, and we have a special gratitude when documenting queer weddings because this wonderful community has a powerful appreciation for being able to wed, and never takes for granted what they fought so hard to achieve. Your identity is real, your pronouns are important, and what you bring to the world is valuable.

  • We believe that All Bodies are Good Bodies
    We believe that All Bodies are Good Bodies

    …and that your body is perfect as it is. We believe you are beautiful as you are, and that you don’t need to be photoshopped or edited in any way to make you any different than you are. We understand you have aspects of yourself that you may be sensitive about or uncomfortable with. We understand those feelings, because we have them, too. We, of course, will ensure that we photograph you from the angles that best highlight the things you love most about yourselves. Our goal is to capture and reflect your best self back at you, without any need for artificial digital interference. You don’t need to be photoshopped. You’re wonderful and worthy—let us show you.

Our Values in Action

How we approach collaborating with our community

We care about your experience, start-to-end, so we’re here to help. That means we’ll be there for you helping plan and prep both in the lead-up to your big day, and after all the confetti settles. We have lots of resources to provide to help you with the tough decisions, with timeline-planning, with ideas to keep things stress-free and full of joy. Your experience, challenges, and journey is important to us. We never sideline you, and commit to being responsive and adaptive, even when life throws the unexpected your way.

We believe that who you are is what makes the best work. So instead of awkward posing and uncomfortable direction, we believe in fostering an environment in which you feel truly free and comfortable to be yourselves and enjoy your time together. That’s where the trust and vulnerability come into play. We get the best results from simply helping you be you and have a great time. Because it’s about your experience, not about performing.

Finally, every moment of your experience on your wedding day is precious, but your normal day-to-day life is precious, too. Documenting your love is as important in its casual and tender weirdness as it is on your best day ever. We take our role seriously in helping to preserve your fleeting moments, intangible memories, and powerful feelings… so that you can relive them again and again. Our work is meant to help guide you back into those memories, so you can remember not just what your life and wedding looked like, but what they felt like. YOUR experience, above all, is most important.

What we stand for
What we stand for
What we stand for
What we stand for
We believe in lending our support to worthy organizations

And here’s where we put our dollars. At least 10% of our annual net profits will be distributed across the following organizations:

If you have any questions about how any of this works, we’re happy to be transparent. You matter to us. Your well-being and happiness matters to us. So if your values and our values line up, then let’s get to chatting.