Celebrating your shared adventure

Your world is one full of color and texture and silly moments and joyful focus on a future together with your favorite person. You have so many ‘things’ that are just so YOU TWO. You love to adventure together, to explore new places, to try new food and drink, and to enjoy old favorites in familiar go-to hangout spots. Yet, when’s the last time you took a portrait together?

Documenting your love is my joy. Capturing a slive of your unique shared experience gives me the warm fuzzies. Telling a story about your shared adventures and antics is kinda my raison d’etre. And above all, surprising you with how beautiful that slice of world is, how dazzling you two are, together. Well, that’s my jam and then some.

Engagement sessions are often seen as something couples do for their wedding websites of save-the-dates. But I think what is so frequently overlooked is your shared experience. Of creating memories you can look back on for years and years and laugh about, saying “yep, that was so us!” We also love to help couples celebrate anniversaries or just-because slices-of-life. If you’re usually behind the camera, step out from behind it. If all your photos are a weird-angle selfie at arm’s length… let’s change that. Let’s make a little magic together.

How Sessions Work

Why they're all kinds of fun, and what to expect

Many clients take an engagement session for granted as part of the wedding process, but overlook one of the most important and valuable aspects of them. Aside from creating some colossally delightful images of you looking and feeling fantastic, sessions are a chance for us to build a relationship in advance of the wedding, to get to know each other, build trust, and get comfortable. That way, the very first time I’m pointing a big honkin’ lens at your face isn’t your special day. Instead of feeling deer-in-the-headlights distracted, you’ll find yourself far less stressed or anxious about being photographed, and I’ll just be a member of your community, cheering you on.

Our goal with all sessions is to ensure you have a blast, above all else. Because when you have a great time, great portraits happen. We are not going to pose and arrange you fussily. We’re actually pretty hands-off, as more guides than directors, here to help to create a fun shared experience, and simply document you enjoying that experience, together.

When trying to decide on location or activity ideas, we like to recommend starting from a point of thinking about how you most enjoy spending quality time together. Do you love hiking? Do you have a daily coffeeshop ritual? Is the ocean your happy place? Are you all about that craft cocktail life? Let’s focus on doing something or going somewhere that makes you both happy. If what you most love is a new adventure, I’m more than happy to make recommendations, but getting to know the ways you have the most fun spending time together is always the best place to start. Of course, if you still arent sure and could use a little inspiration…

But 2020 is the absolute worst

How can we even shoot portraits in a global pandemic?

I hear you. Big time. We’re definitely living in the worst timeline, right? Only… we’re starting to figure this thing out. We’re all finding our footing in establishing ways to stay connected with those we love, and finding joy in the in-betweens of these hard times.

We’ve been hard at work making plans for returning to documenting love, and so I’m delighted to say, we have a strong system in place for protecting you, protecting us, and ensuring you still get to have a great time together. For more on how we’re handling pandemic limitations while documenting beautiful photos, check out this post.

Other questions about working together? Get in touch!

Portrait Sessions – Photo by Let's Frolic Together