Who We Are
Who We Are

Let's Be Friends

  • Hi! I’m Jasmine, lead photographer and head honcho, teller of stories, and eater of French fries based in San Diego (but always itching for adventure). I grew up in Montreal, so I can curse fluently in both English and French. I’m curly, freckled, and a recovering workaholic. I have a Scottish husband named Scott, a snuggly 17-year-old tuxedo cat named George, and a lovable kiss-obsessed golden-heeler rescue mix named Matilda. I’m constantly wowed by the terrain of California—the majestic ocean, craggy mountains, golden hills, and shrubby desert all still wow me after 14 years. Every day I look out the window with wonder and gratitude.

    I believe black lives matter, every body is a good body, no human is illegal, and that love is love. My pronouns are she/her. For more information on our company values and the organizations we support, check out What We Stand For.

    Years as a brand strategist/designer helped me to fall in love with storytelling and out of love with corporate bureaucracy. Now it’s been well over a decade shooting weddings, celebrating independent brands, and authentically reflecting real human experiences. I’m also a whole-hearted believer in the genuineness, curiosity, growth, and art of making things with one’s hands. I use mine occasionally to make pottery, play videogames (Zelda fans unite), paint, or strum on my guitar, and daily to tell stories about incredible magic between inspired people. I’d love to tell yours.

  • no.1
    I'm mostly made of lattes
    but some other stuff, too.
  • no.2
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  • no.4
  • no.5
    Night Owl
    Early Riser
  • no.6
    I'm also made of cheese
    and let's face it, lots and lots of french fries
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  • no.8
    Real Books
    Digital books
  • no.9
    Vintage Dresses
  • no.10
    Then, there's the geeky side…
    and by geeky, I mean awesome
  • no.11
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
  • no.12
    Board Games
  • no.13
Hang on to your socks, these wild things are about to knock 'em off
  • Susan Susan
    Lead Photographer & Creative Optimist

    Hailing from Sacramento, Susan is five feet of inspired energy—she’s a can-do free spirit, an enneagram 4, an entrepreneur, style maven, dancer (get ready, dance floor!), mama, and a hoot to have by your side on your wedding day. An appreciator of potstickers, scotch, and all things handmade, Susan has been capturing weddings for over 15 years, and digs deep into storytelling from a place of emotion, joy, and creative energy. With a caring and encouraging nature in which understanding you and your priorities is paramount, she is a wonderful, fun guide and resource on the day, and has an ability to flit from moment to moment to capture the intangible and in-between experiences that makes a celebration so special. CHECK OUT SUSAN’S LEAD PORTFOLIO HERE!

  • Jill Jill
    Assistant Photographer & Snark Machine

    Jill’s a sassy one that’ll keep you laughing all day long—no kidding, her laugh is amazing. She’s also a firecracker of getting shit done, so when we start getting your family groupings organized, she’s ON. IT. While she made her way here from Ohio, she’s called San Diego home for quite some time and lives in a darling North Park home with her husband and their two kooky dogs. She’s a natural caregiver, super hard worker, and is extremely adaptable on wedding days to ensure your experience is a great one. We love her creative eye, instinct for moments, snarky sense of humor and her ability to maneuver a challenge with grace, poise, and a joke!

  • Loryelle Loryelle
    Assistant Photographer & Style Maven

    Loryelle is a powerhouse in a tiny package. Originally from Arizona, her background in photography and her ongoing creative work as an interior designer make her über-versatile (and super stylin’). She’s an inspired and sweet soul brimming with ideas and her caring nature has led to clients often remarking at how helpful she is. She tenderly works her magic quietly, like a behind-the-scenes ninja at weddings. Kinda like the wizard of Oz, only, curlier. Nabbing amazing moments before you even realized she was there is her superpower. Her attention to detail and steady hands always leave us impressed.

  • Shelby Shelby
    Assistant Photographer & Sassy Mc Sassypants

    Shelby’s a people person and her versatility slays all day. She brings the energy and she’ll make you laugh from morning ’til night. She keeps it real, and she’s got your back, working away at making things happen. She has an ideal climate of 75-80 degrees which means we see her wrapped in blankets or hugging the AC all the time. She’s got a ride-or-die boxer pup and a new rescue mix, two wildling kiddos, one navy husband, and a whole bunch of sass. She lives for good wine and Willie Nelson. Shelby’s Northwest roots and San Diego spirit are a match made in heaven, and if you’re lucky she’ll tell you stories about her kooky kids that’ll make you giggle out loud.

  • Erin Erin
    Assistant Photographer and Color Queen

    Erin is a celebrator of life, love, humans, honesty, and authenticity. She’s a mom of three boys and in her limited spare time, she somehow finds extra time to coach her kiddos’ baseball, as well as mentor other photographers. She’s got a sharp eye and is one of the fastest guns in the west when it comes to capturing moments that are filled with feeling and fabulousness. A fanatic for color, vibrancy, and magic, she is a natural cheerleader of support and enthusiasm and a super creative film photographer who finds inspiration in every nook and cranny. We are big fans of the wonderful Erin and her can-do, buoyant spirit.

  • Robin Robin
    Assistant Photographer and Studio Superstar

    Robin’s always making good things happen behind the scenes in the studio, PLUS she shoots weddings with us as well, double whammy! She brings to the studio an impressive ability to multitask, a flare for being frank, and lots of laughs, as well as a fondness for Tilly the office dog (they have a special bond). She has her own little rescue buds named Zola and Ruby at home as well. Originally from Pennsylvania, Robin has a background in film prior to shifting to photography, and has a fine appreciation for alternative 90’s jams that we belt out in the office on the regular. An aficionado of white wine, good beer, and snack foods, Robin also loves adventuring overseas so we expect good snacks to be brought back next time!