What People are Saying
What People are Saying

What People Are Saying

  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G.
    Los Angeles, CA

    It’s difficult to talk about Jasmine, her team, and her photographs without excessive hyperbole. “We were AMAZED both during the event and once we got the photographs!” “She is INCREDIBLE!” “We absolutely LOVE her consider her a new friend!” All true statements. She connected with both of us and our family and friends effortlessly. She understood the vibe of our important day, and our personalities, and let them both sing loudly. She is all we could have possibly hoped for and more: effervescent personality, down to earth, professional, and dedicated to her craft (dance-offs with our friends to capture those great party shots; she waded in the pool fully clothed to capture the two of us after we jumped in at the end of the night!). Jasmine is an artist in the true sense of the word, she was an absolute joy to work with from first meeting to receipt of our photos, and one would be doing themselves great service by trusting her with their story.

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  • Shane E.
    Shane E.
    Los Angeles, CA

    A moment is…

    – Meeting a ball of sunshine named Jasmine
    – Witnessing her perfectly execute and exceed the very rough vision you lay out for a desert motorcycle/diner engagement shoot
    – Looking back fondly on the warm, beautifully-captured photos with the right amount of focus and crispness
    – Repeating all the above for the wedding and multiply awesomeness by 1,000,000^1,000,000
    – Realizing you picked the perfect human to capture your big day(s) and that she is now a part of the family

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  • Sara R.
    Sara R.
    San Diego, CA

    Jasmine knocked it OUT OF THE PARK! Not only did the photos come out stunning and jaw-dropping, but she did everything she could to make sure me and my fiancé’s engagement shoot was PERFECT! I’m talking going more than the extra mile. On top of this, Jasmine makes the whole shoot incredibly fun, encouraging, and comfortable. The passion and excitement she brings is infectious!! Jasmine jumped over hurdles and through loops in order to make our session happen because she just cares about all of her clients THAT MUCH! I’m so beyond glad that Jasmine was the one to capture these precious moments we’ll have for the rest of our lives. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU friend!! Also, just LOOK at these shots! Speechless.

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  • Cass C.
    Cass C.
    Phoenix, AZ

    We hired Jasmine as our elopement photographer and it was easily the best wedding decision that we made. We are still in awe over how great she was and how perfect the pictures turned out. She had excellent suggestions throughout the day since we don’t live in the area and helped everything run smoothly. Despite the many photos that she took, we got them back very quickly and they all looked so so good. She made us feel very comfortable and captured everything we wanted out of the day and so much more. We went to a few different places and despite being crowded, she not only managed to get carefully lit and angled photos, but also with no people in them. My main desire with a photographer was to not get the standard posed pictures and Jasmine fulfilled that more than I thought possible. The different scenery and activities we did made the day fly by and it never felt forced or unnatural. I could not recommend her enough!

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  • Robyn C.
    Robyn C.
    Los Angeles, CA

    We’re running out of superlatives to describe Jasmine and Julie and our experience with them. Amazing, wonderful and wildly talented just don’t cut it. I’m someone who hates being the center of attention and hates having their photo taken. Jasmine made the whole thing so comfortable and fun – from dinosaur sculptures for our engagement session to breaking it down on the dance floor with the rest of us on the night of our wedding. She just got our nerdy vibe and it made her feel more like a friend than a wedding vendor. I knew we could trust her to capture not just the big moments, but all the little ones that meant so much to us personally. She nails all the “traditional” photos, but it’s her crazy talent for candid, documentary-style shots that we and our guests have totally fallen in love with.

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  • Rachel Y.
    Rachel Y.
    San Diego, CA

    Jasmine is so incredible. Her presentation, bedside manner, and—above all—quality of work, are absolutely unrivaled. In an industry that seems to be all about gouging young couples she truly stands alone as a real artist who provides an incredible value. Her photos are beyond incredible and both we and everyone we talk to can’t stop raving about her. We can’t wait to recommend her to anyone and everyone who is getting married. We simply cannot thank her enough for making this whole process so enjoyable and for giving us these incredible memories to last us a lifetime. From the introductory video chat, to the welcome packet, to the care we received leading up to and on the day of the wedding, through the highlights reel, and finally leading up to the beautifully presented drive with all our photos on them… this has truly been a one of a kind experience. The photos are stunning—Jasmine has given us something that will let us relive our day for the rest of our lives.

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  • Molly N.
    Molly N.
    Los Angeles, CA

    I truly cannot say enough great things about Jasmine. She is fun, easy to work with, really listens to you and gives supportive feedback to help your ideas come to life. She is not someone who thinks there’s a “right way” to do things, and delights in bringing out unique, candid moments. She puts everyone at ease and finds ways to capture moments as they are—even with camera-shy, fussy kids, or stressed-out grandparents, she finds the best in everyone through her lens. Leading up to the day, she was organized and communicative but never overbearing. She miraculously kept pictures on schedule on our wedding day, leading me to believe she has actual superpowers. More than anything, I appreciate how much Jasmine made sure taking photos on our wedding day was fun and stress-free, and that we had time to enjoy being with our people, not just at a photo shoot all night. The product of her diligence is absolutely stunning. It is an absolute joy to relive our wedding through her photos.

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  • Morgan S.
    Morgan S.
    Boston, MA

    It was an absolute joy to work with Jasmine and Let’s Frolic Together during our engagement shoot and wedding. What really stands out about Jasmine’s work is her ability to capture intimate, candid moments. We are so happy to have an album full of amazing looking photos that look like they were taken by a fly on the wall (with a pro camera) and not someone deliberately taking staged photos. We are absolutely thrilled with our final album and cannot recommend Jasmine enough. Kudos for her being so silly, fun and encouraging during our big day!

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  • Matt S.
    Matt S.
    Boston, MA

    Words can barely describe how amazing of a wedding photographer Jasmine is! She shot our wedding and our engagement photos in 2 different states for us. Not only are her photos absolutely gorgeous, but she is able to capture you in a comfortable, natural and fun setting. There were no forced poses, no awkward moments, just pure bliss and happiness, as it should be. We have worked with other photographers before and Jasmine is the best. She was able to capture all of the natural, raw emotion and we are so delighted we went with her. She made us feel at home, like we knew each other our whole lives! We would hire her again for ANY event. We got highlights back from our wedding and our engagement in less than a week, and the full portfolio came within 2 months! INSANE! A++++++++++ Quality and Service! Definitely go with her!!!!

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  • Stephanie S.
    Stephanie S.
    Chicago, IL

    I’m going through my wedding photos again, and I don’t know how to express my love for what Jasmine has given us here! Wow. The joy. The silly. The memories. The progression of Grandpa Bob’s babushka cocoon (cocoonshka?)! Thank you thank you in the millions and gazillions, Jasmine! Oh wow. How to choose which ones to frame? How dare you, how dare you give us this abundance of bountiful beauty, you talented snappy-happy gigglebomb. But seriously thank you for capturing our love fest so gloriously and with such care—anyone would be the luckiest to hire you for their event.

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  • Lauren B.
    Lauren B.
    San Francisco, CA

    Jasmine is fantastic! Not only does she take breathtaking photographs, but she is an absolute joy to be around. Having her take our engagement photos and then our wedding photos was one of the best decisions we made. She captured every moment so beautifully! I can’t express how important it was to have someone we trusted and enjoyed being around on our wedding day. I hope to have another occasion to work with her again, even if I have to travel all the way back to Southern California! Jasmine, thank you so much for being you!

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  • Alexis T.
    Alexis T.
    Santa Ana, CA

    Hiring Let’s Frolic Together to do our engagement session and wedding photos was the easiest and best decision of my entire wedding planning process. The conversation was so fun and easy. I quickly learned how competent and responsive Jasmine is, which is the BEST thing you can ask for from a wedding vendor when you are planning everything yourself. Once we booked her, I never once worried about the photography. There were a couple of instances where I had planning concerns. Jasmine talked me through what she thought would work best for US based on her experience. She is incredibly friendly and fun, and made portraits easy peasy and not awkward at all. Afterward, you’ll want to hire her as a life coach because she will make you feel so so good about yourself. Beyond all of this though, the photos so far have been incredibly beautiful. LFT is extremely talented and I am so happy we invested in them!

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  • Hillary L.
    Hillary L.
    Annapolis, MD

    Choosing Let’s Frolic Together was probably the best decision we made in our wedding (other than choosing each other)! Jasmine just blew us away. From day one she made us feel so incredibly comfortable from her helpful tips packet, to staying in touch throughout the planning process. She was incredibly organized and thorough to make sure she was capturing everything we wanted. The reason why we fell in love with her is looking back over the pictures we are seriously in awe of how she was able to capture these amazing moments that truly represented us as a couple, our family, and our friends. They are truly spectacular and we couldn’t love them more. She made us feel so at ease so we could really relax and be ourselves. Also, she’s hysterical and just an absolute pleasure to be around. And she can cut a sick rug. We highly recommend Jasmine with absolutely no reservations!

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  • Pamela M.
    Pamela M.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Jasmine is the best to work with, thank you so much for a GREAT time. Her photos of us from our engagement shoot and wedding day are hands down our favorite photos of our family and friends. Her photography style is timeless, and we were so stoked to get our photos early, we are obsessed!!! I would absolutely recommend her to be part of your wedding crew!

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  • Kelsey G.
    Kelsey G.
    San Diego, CA
    Jasmine is a star. She was fantastic absolutely fantastic to work with for our wedding. She had a very comforting presence on our wedding day. She captured our day perfectly. She is unbelievably creative and organized. We cannot say enough good things about her. We would never choose to work with anyone else for a major event! Jasmine these are AMAZING!! Thank you SO MUCH. Seriously better than we ever could’ve imagined. We cannot express how grateful we are for all of your hard work and creativity. These photos are INSANE!!
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  • Leah B.
    Leah B.
    San Diego, CA
    Jasmine is the best. What I love best about my wedding photos is how she captured the essence of who our guests are. I have so many images where I can just hear that person’s laugh, or know exactly what they’re saying. I have an actual, visceral reaction to a still photo; who can ask for anything better than that? I’ve always felt that images should evoke emotion. Some of my favorite images aren’t where I look the prettiest, but the most real. Jasmine captures real moments beautifully. Jasmine, and her team are all professional, but fun. I never felt anything but comfortable with the whole Let’s Frolic Together crew, and that’s pretty darn important on your wedding day. I would not have wanted to get married, without Jasmine there. When asked to describe our experience with Jasmine, my man-of-few-words husband simply said, ‘epic’.
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