Watching the world go by from the window of a train. The crunch of a pine forest beneath your feet. Making a fort out of the couch cushions. You’ve been inspired by discovery since you were knobby-kneed in the sandbox—whether that now means trying a new café, searching Reddit for colossal catfails, treasure-hunting at the thrift shop, or wandering aimlessly in the nooks and crannies of the city, giggling with the one you love. Adventure is a core part of who you are, especially when you get to share it with the person that makes you starry-eyed (and laugh your heads off all the while).


Your vision for your wedding isn’t same-old, same-old. You’re happy to buck tradition in favor of something that’s truly you, a little unconventional, a lot playful. You want it to be purposeful enough to actually have face-time with everyone you’re bringing together. You value the unique, the inspired, the soulful, and above all else, throwing a great fantastic party with all the people you love the most. You know that every part of your big day has significance, but let’s face it, you’re most excited about authentic moments—candid photographs of your people having the best time, your family feeling their feels, you laughing your asses off. No posey, fussy bullshit necessary.


When it comes down to it, what you want is a portal straight back into your memories. You know that getting your dress dirty on your day is the sign of having the best possible time and not sweating the small stuff—you want the *real* magic. You aren’t interested in wedding photos that look like everyone else’s—you want wedding photos that look like YOU. So let’s make it happen.


We travel all over, but as primarily San Diego and Palm Springs wedding photographers, we love embracing the laid-back California attitude that drew us all here in the first place. We won’t arrange you in fussy, uncomfortable positions and never re-do fleeting moments—that stuff kinda makes us cringe. You’re quirky, nontraditional, and you don’t give a flying floozy about smoldering eyes or dramatic glamour. You definitely don’t want your wedding to feel like a performance. So let’s not make our time together about poses or contrived and meaningless props. Let’s make it about energy and misbehavior and feels and badass dance moves… all parts of that magical and intangible connection that ties you two together. Your relationship doesn’t look like anybody else’s, and we love that.

Shout out to our LGBTQ+ couples just to be super duper clear—we LOVE you, and helping you celebrate your day is such a privilege. Diversity of every kind is essential to us. That means that however you identify, whatever your age, shape, race… we are excited to work together. With well over a decade of experience behind us, we’ve got your back and are equipped for anything and everything. We’ll help you preserve those fleeting feelings and moments—just as you experience them. When all the confetti settles, the story we craft together will allow you to step back into all the magic, again and again. Be utterly worry-free while we tend to your story and you bask in the dazzling start of an inspired, wacky, and wonderful marriage.


    Wild bashes, joyful communities, and colossal dance parties begin at $6600. Elopements & microweddings begin at $3000. Get in touch!

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    Sessions are all about capturing you in your element, having a blast together. These begin at $900 (with once-a-year mini-sessions at $450). Let's do it.

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    We tell brand stories from headshots to products to experiences. Rates start at $900 and vary depending on your needs, so get in touch so we can custom-quote you.

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Five things that matter to you and us both

(aka Reasons We're a Match Made In Heaven)
We want to know you and understand what's important to you. We already know you have a great story. The more we can get to know you, the more authentically we can capture and communicate that story. We won't drag and drop you into something that could be meant for just anyone. Who you are is vital to your story. If you're tender and quiet, or if you're loud and crazy—that's who we want you to be and that's the story we care about telling.
You're throwing a party and inviting all the people who've been a significant part of your lives to come together and connect to each other. They've supported and helped cultivate your relationship. They may have never met, or may be total besties. They're important to who you are individually and together, and can't be overlooked! When we photograph your wedding, all the moments matter. It's about you, but it's about them, too—Dad laughing while Uncle Jim busts a move on the dance floor, Mom getting teary-eyed while you're getting ready, your best friends in a drunken group hug, or your dog trying to nab a slice of cake while nobody's looking. These are the bits and pieces of invisible string tying your wedding together, and this is what your story is made of.
Sure, that sounds a little bro-y, but it's actually really important. Our focus differs from a lot of other photographers. We craft your story by feeling your story. Our work is emotion-driven, and that emerges from the connection you have. When you look at a photo and feel nothing, it's usually because the photographer felt nothing. There are a lot of beautiful photographs out there that are devoid of emotion. Every photograph we share with clients comes from feeling and experiencing something real, from tenderness to amusement to wonder to delight. What you feel about each other guides our instincts—not what's hip on Pinterest. Which leads us straight to…
When we shoot together, be it on the day of your wedding, in a café, cozy at home, or in a forest somewhere climbing trees, we're not composing a contrived, posed scene that will look impressive. We're not going for trends or trying to put you somewhere because it's going to win us attention. What we're creating is something filled with energy and realness and genuine emotion—something that puts smiles on your faces, and makes you snuggle up to one another. We help craft experiences that are worth having and then tell the tender/awesome/crazy stories of those experiences. Fun is more important than pretty and perfect. Fun is who you really are. And that wins out over cool every time. Adventure is where great photographs come from. So let's have one.
You like stuff. We like stuff. We might even love stuff. Okay, #truth: we definitely love stuff. But when it comes to sharing who you are and what makes you magic, we don't need to use stylized tablescapes and trendy boho pinterested sets to somehow make you more special. You are already so special together. If you have crazy ideas you love, rad projects you've crafted, or other meaningful items you'd like to bring on our adventure, go for it! Anything you love and have poured your heart into can certainly be a fun addition to a session. But know this: that is not what defines you, and it absolutely isn’t *necessary* for great photographs. Cross my heart.