• Laughing our asses off is our specialty
    Laughing our asses off is our specialty
  • Jasmine in action shooting a wedding in Ojai, CA
    Jasmine in action shooting a wedding in Ojai, CA
  • In action rock and rolling the conga line.
    In action rock and rolling the conga line.
Who We Are
Let's Be Friends!
  • Hi! I’m Jasmine, photographer, teller of stories, and eater of French fries based in San Diego (but always itching for adventure in the nooks and crannies of the world over). I grew up in Montreal, so I like Arcade Fire, speaking French, and eating poutine. I’m armed with incorrigibly curly hair, pesky freckles, and a hopelessly silly side. My enormous tuxedo cat named George is balanced by my skinny Scottish husband named (what else?) Scott.

    I’m a lover of the written word, donuts, and awkward dance moves. I’m constantly wowed by the wildly contrasting climates and terrains of California—the majestic and unfathomable ocean alongside the craggy mountains and golden hills spread out by a shrubby, tepid desert. Every day I look out the window with wonder. I believe that #loveislove, and it is my immense pleasure to serve a variety of diverse couples. Six years as a graphic designer and brand strategist helped me to fall in love with storytelling and out of love with the world of corporate bureaucracy. Authentically connecting to real live human beings is my jam! I’m also also a whole-hearted believer in the genuineness, curiosity, growth, and art of making things with one’s hands. I use mine occasionally to sew things or strum on my guitar, and daily to tell stories about incredible magic between inspired people. I’d love to tell yours.

  • no.1
    I'm mostly made of lattes
    but some other stuff, too.
  • no.2
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  • no.4
  • no.5
    Night Owl
    Early Riser
  • no.6
    I'm also made of apple pie
    and let's face it, lots and lots of french fries
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  • no.8
    Real Books
  • no.9
    Vintage Dresses
  • no.10
    Then, there's the geeky side…
    and by geeky, I mean awesome
  • no.11
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
  • no.12
    Board Games
    Nintendo NES
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Hang onto your socks, these wild things are about to knock 'em off
  • Julie Julie
    Lead Photographer & Shameless 90's Lover

    If you mix a night on the town knockin’ back beer with a love of her adorable new puppy, endless energy, and the midwest repping in a big way, you get a big serving of Julie. Hailing from Iowa, Julie has a down-to-earth, laid-back, positive attitude with a little snarky joking in for good measure. She can recite just about every R&B/Rap lyric from the 90’s on demand, and she’s got the moves to go with it. She never misses her 10k steps a day, calls it like it is, and she’s got you covered with a great eye and can-do spirit. CHECK OUT JULIE’S LEAD PORTFOLIO HERE!

  • Loryelle Loryelle
    Assistant Photographer & Style Maven

    Loryelle is a powerhouse in a tiny package. Originally from Arizona, her background in photography and her work in interior design make her über-versatile (and super stylin’). She’s an inspired and sweet-meets-sassy soul brimming with ideas and her caring nature has led to clients often remarking at how wonderful she is. She tenderly works her magic like a behind-the-scenes ninja at weddings. Kinda like the wizard of Oz, only, curlier. Nabbing amazing moments before you even realized she was there is her superpower. Her attention to detail and steady hands always leave us impressed.

  • Shelby Shelby
    Assistant Photographer & Studio Superstar

    Shelby’s a people person and her versatility slays all day. She brings the energy and she’ll make you laugh from morning ’til night. She keeps it real, and she’s got your back, working away at making things happen, all while keeping on top of all the behind-the-scenes wand-waving we do here at the office. A talented photographer herself, Shelby’s Northwest roots and San Diego spirit are a match made in heaven, and if you’re lucky she’ll tell you stories about her adorably kooky kids that’ll make you giggle out loud.