• Wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn
    Wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn
What People are Saying
  • Candice W.
    Candice W.
    San Diego, CA

    Jasmine is absolutely the best. What was supposed to be a 30min intro at her studio, turned into a 3 hour laughing, storytelling, and bonding afternoon. We booked her without hesitation. Our engagement session turned out better than I could have imagined and the way she handled my large and scatterbrained family and friends during the wedding was so fun. She and her assistant fit into our group as if they were guests at the wedding. Looking back at the pictures, I am back to that day that I felt the most beautiful I have ever felt, the happiest I have ever been and of course seeing moments that whizzed by me, I can relive them as if it were happening all over again. We HIGHLY recommend Jasmine and Let’s Frolic Together. She is professional, FUN, respectful, easy-going, talented beyond words can ever explain and, well, just overall amazingly awesome!

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  • Jamie B.
    Jamie B.
    New York, NY

    When I looked at these photos, it reaffirmed our gut instinct to choose you in the first place. There is simply no other photographer alive today who could have captured the exact feel and style we had envisioned for our wedding. All that fun surface stuff aside, you also managed to take a perfect snapshot of our hearts. We’re not sure how, but we think it has a lot to do with you being a truly good person. That shines through in your work. Also, we look fly as hell. CRITICAL. ;) I loved your team of amazing women too. Thank you, lady, for being so wonderful professionally and personally.

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  • Leah B.
    Leah B.
    San Diego, CA
    Jasmine is the best. We never even considered going with another photographer, because she’s just that good. What I love best about my wedding photos is how she captured the essence of who our guests are. I have so many images where I can just hear that person’s laugh, or, know exactly what they’re saying, even though I wasn’t a part of the conversation. I have an actual, visceral reaction to a still photo; who can ask for anything better than that? I’ve always felt that images should evoke emotion (and not just jealousy at how beautiful someone else’s wedding was). Yes, I wanted to look pretty in my wedding pictures, but some of my favorite images aren’t where I look the prettiest, but the most real. Jasmine captures real moments beautifully. Jasmine, and her team are all professional, but fun. I never felt anything but comfortable with the whole Let’s Frolic Together crew, and that’s pretty darn important on your wedding day. I would not have wanted to get married, without Jasmine there. When asked to describe our experience with Jasmine, my man-of-few-words husband simply said, ‘epic’. I couldn’t have said it better, myself.
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  • Cassee E.
    Cassee E.
    San Diego, CA

    Jasmine! I’m in a dream. These are wonderful!! Thank you again for capturing such a special day for me and Alex. You are truly gifted, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The Temple pictures and Dance Party album is mah favs. You got awesome shots of our guests. :) These are so great!!! Can’t wait to share them with our family and friends!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  • Rachel R.
    Rachel R.
    San Diego, CA

    Jasmine perfectly captured our day. We felt as though a long time friend was there with us. Jas returned our photos in an extremely timely manner and we were pleased with every photo we received! She is the perfect choice if you want a photographer that can capture your life moments with friendliness, joy, and beauty. There are no words to capture how we feel looking at these photos. Like our moments were more than just beautifully photographed but made into all these amazing living memories. Thanks so much for being there and for your artistic eye. You are amazing. It felt like you were a friend as a part of our day not just a photographer following us around which was everything we could’ve hoped for!!

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  • Chase K.
    Chase K.
    Austin, TX

    THE BEST. From the very first email, throughout the whole process, Jasmine was nothing but fantastic. She was ultra helpful and went out of her way to make sure we felt comfortable in front of the camera. Not only were all the photographs absolutely breathtaking visually, she captured the moments that just happen for a split second and truly told a story with her photographs. She makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life and is super rad to simply be around. If I could hire Jasmine to follow me around and document my entire life, I would do so in a heartbeat. She takes the best photographs, tells the best stories, and can truly evoke emotion and memories with her work. Anniversaries? Baby? Big birthdays? We plan on flying her out to wherever we are. She’s. Just. That. Good.

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  • Lauren B.
    Lauren B.
    San Francisco, CA

    Jasmine is fantastic! Not only does she take breathtaking photographs, but she is an absolute joy to be around. Having her take our engagement photos and then our wedding photos was one of the best decisions we made. She captured every moment so beautifully! I can’t express how important it was to have someone we trusted and enjoyed being around on our wedding day. I hope to have another occasion to work with her again, even if I have to travel all the way back to Southern California! Jasmine, thank you so much for being you!

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  • Heather H.
    Heather H.
    San Diego, CA

    She immediately “got” us, and asked all the right kinds of questions to understand what was important to us and how we wanted our wedding to represent us. She was so reassuring that she would be able to please my family, who wanted the traditional photos, while leaving plenty of time to do what she does best—capturing our story with her art. She was always prompt with communication, but at the same time friendly, and fun. She didn’t ask us to do any hokey or uncomfortable poses, just let us be ourselves and still captured every moment beautifully without being intrusive. Because we felt so comfortable with her she fit right in and felt like one of the guests!

    Looking over those photos again, it’s like reliving our wedding from every other perspective. We get to see so many of the wonderful things we missed. There are pictures of people dancing who I never thought would dance, people smiling who almost never smile, and evidence of the love and support of our family and community. I’ve had friends vow to use Jas as their future wedding photographer after falling in love with her style, her blog, and her personality. Couldn’t ask for more!

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  • Amanda C.
    Amanda C.
    Losa Angeles, CA

    We had an amazing experience working with Jasmine. We were looking for someone who captured the moments as they really were. My husband and I are not super comfortable in front of the camera, and get really uncomfortable when people tell us how to be and look and start posing us. I’m working on our wedding album now and it’s been so hard trying to narrow down the photos because they are all just so good. I can’t recommend Jasmine highly enough.

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  • Sophie C.
    Sophie C.
    San Diego, CA

    So much talent and delightfulness in one person. Amazing! She is passionate about her work and about creating a connection with her clients. By the time we were in front of the camera it felt so normal to be hanging out together. Essentially she came along for our anniversary date and it still felt completely natural. Jasmine really wants to capture you as a couple in your element. She wasn’t going to take us to locations that didn’t have meaning for us. She doesn’t put you in strange poses. She observed us interact as a couple and gently guided us to capture beautiful photos. Jasmine is a beautiful mix of a really, really kind person and a talented professional. We highly, highly recommend!

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  • Maggie G.
    Maggie G.
    Honolulu, HI

    Jasmine is an amazing photographer and an absolutely lovely person. She is not only talented and professional, she is easy to talk to and laid back. As someone who normally feels more comfortable behind the camera, she did a great job at just letting us be ourselves and capturing that, as well as giving direction. We couldn’t be happier with the end result—she captured us doing our thing at one of our favorite places. The photographs will be cherished for years to come.

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  • Joanna C.
    Joanna C.
    San Diego, CA

    These are amazing! I’m just dying!! We had so much fun during our engagement session. Thanks for capturing our adventurous spirit. You are amazingly talented!! And you’ve got the best packaging ever! Honestly, these photos are the most beautiful images of us. You really captured our love for each other and adventure.

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  • Kristen Z.
    Kristen Z.
    San Diego, CA

    Jas is great. I was really impressed with her from the get go. I had an insane, horrible schedule for a couple of months in the midst of planning. Jasmine met with me early on a Sunday morning at her house. It really demonstrated her commitment to her work and how she builds trust with her clients. We had a great session and my fiancé and I are so happy with the results. I would recommend jasmine to anyone I know. Thanks Jas!

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  • Shawna K.
    Shawna K.
    Los Angeles, CA

    I would give 6 stars if I could. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jasmine and her photography. Jasmine shot our wedding over the summer and we were so impressed by her talent, flexibility, and enthusiasm. She was SO flexible with us, captured one-of-a-kind moments, and truly was a gem. After the wedding was over I can’t tell you how many guests came up to me and said “your photographer was amazing! So sweet and funny.” If you want candid photos of your wedding day, don’t look any further. You won’t be disappointed!!!

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  • Monica D.
    Monica D.
    London, UK

    Jasmine is a gem! We really like that her photos are full of life and energy; which is exactly what we wanted for our wedding. We prioritized our budget on photography because the photos will last forever and they are great for re-living such a magical day in our lives. Keeping this in mind, we went for the full package and it was well worth it.

    I’m not exactly keen to be in front of the camera but she made us feel really at ease and natural. She was fantastic, always on-time, professional and her positive attitude was contagious.

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  • Carol F.
    Carol F.
    San Diego, CA

    I immediately got in contact with Jasmine when I viewed some of her photos on her website because her photos are SO beautiful and inspiring! She made me feel really comfortable and confident about the being in front of the camera prior to the shoot because I consider myself a bit camera shy. The day of the shoot my husband and I had so much fun. When she says she’ll be documenting an adventure, she will be because it definitely felt like such a fun adventure to us! Working with Jasmine was such a fun, professional, easy going thing. We got our photos and immediately printed out our favorite one to be hung on our wall! I will totally be in contact with Jasmine again because nothing compares to her passion for capturing two people having a great a time. In the end, the results were priceless.

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