• Super fun wedding at The Pearl Hotel!
    Super fun wedding at The Pearl Hotel!
How it works
It's easy like Sunday morning…
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    Hang out at my studio, swap stories, laugh lots, and plan an adventure together. Not in San Diego? Let's Skype/FaceTime! Then I'll shoot you a digital contract, you shoot me your retainer and we're all set.

  • Step

    Paint the town, forest, café, cabin, garden, treehouse, orchard, backyard, or mountaintop red. I’ll follow along and capture all the magic.

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    Go gaga for your photographs. High fives doled out. Get your highlights in a week, and your full gallery within two months.

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    Do it all again, only this time, you get hitched. Woohoo! Or, if we’re collaborating on just a portrait sesh, let’s do it all again with a new one whenever it’s time for an update!

Do you photograph same-sex weddings?

Absolutely. Love is love! It hurts my heart that you even had to ask. I’m a huge supporter of marriage equality and I’m happy to introduce you to other awesome vendors that will appreciate how rad you are together, too.

I'm not photogenic—will you still be able to make lovely photographs?

Oh, hush! You might be surprised to hear that the vast majority of my clients aren’t very comfortable in front of the camera. I hear this from almost every client, and I love showing my clients how gorgeous they really are. Mostly, people simply don’t know what to do with themselves in front of the camera, and end up feeling awkward when someone points one their way. Stiff arms and an uncomfortable smile show up. And that’s what they’re used to seeing—photos of themselves feeling awkward. My number one goal is to make you comfortable, no performance necessary. The more you engage with and enjoy the person you love, the more the images will shine. I consider it my job to not only capture moments and create inspired photographs, but to make sure it’s a great day, a great adventure, and a great experience that lets you be you.

What should we wear to our portrait session?

Please avoid jogging pants that say “juicy” on the behind, and by golly, don’t wear matching anything, unless your desire for the Sears catalog look is serious. You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable—whatever you normally wear that you feel good in. I wrote a whole article full of tips about this HERE. Don’t try and be someone you’re not—that makes for an uncomfortable you and awkward photos. Choose something fun and you. Unless something you is a superman costume, that would be a terrib—WAIT, THAT IS A SPECTACULAR IDEA. Forget I said anything. Carry on.


Do you travel for events?

YES. Yes, yes, yes. It might just be my favorite thing to do! I travel all over—check out the adventure engine’s map to see some of the places I’ve shot. I would be delighted to travel to collaborate together on an amazing day! Ping me for a custom travel quote.


How long is your coverage?

Sessions go for about 60+ minutes, which is usually the point at which you get tuckered out! Wedding coverage can be tailored to your needs, but I encourage couples to give themselves the gift of time. Whatever amount of time you think something will take frequently ends up doubling on the big day. Stressing and rushing is SO NOT the best way to spend your wedding! My preference is to be present from start to finish, and 8-10 hours is most often the right amount of time. You get to stay relaxed and stress-free while I am present for every awesome part of the experience. Plus, the most genuinely special, tender things often happen when you least expect them to. Missing those would be a total drag! I really value telling the entirety of your story and capturing all those quirky little in-between moments. Especially if they’re embarrassing and I can use them to blackmail you later. I kid, I kid! Don’t be silly, you can use them to blackmail each other!

How long will we be waiting on 'em?

You’ll have around 20 highlights posted in a dedicated Facebook album within one week (so you can have immediate profile photos!) and an online proofing gallery of all fully-edited photos posted within two months. You’ll receive an awesome keepsake USB drive of all high-res images with a print release to print to your hearts’ content wherever you like. Just don’t sell or use the images commercially, and we’ll be totally square.


How long have you been doing this? What’s your background?

I’ve been a storyteller all my life! I graduated from art college specializing in painting and drawing, and then from university with a design degree, minoring in photography electives. I spent six years as a brand identity designer and strategist while shooting portraits on the side. I started shooting professionally in 2008. I’ve shot in backyards and at prestigious historic venues. I’ve shot elopements with one witness and 500-guest bashes. This is my full-time job, and you have my full focus. I’ve got you covered.

How do we know if you're a good match for us?

Let’s take the plunge and make a date! I’d love to have you by my home studio so I can get to know who you are, find out what’s important to you, and gush about the awesome things you’re planning. We’re all geeks in some way or another so tell me what you love to geek out over. Drop by, swap stories, check out sample albums, and get to know what I’m all about. If you aren’t in San Diego—let’s Skype or FaceTime! While I don’t take myself too seriously, I care an awful lot about helping you tell the most love-filled, intimate, joyful and you-est story I can. Let’s hang out and laugh—contact me here and we’ll set it up!


I want you to shoot my wedding, but do I really need an engagement session?

When you start thinking about investing in photography, of course your priority is to preserve the magic of your wedding day. But are you sure you want that to be the very first time I point a big lens your way? Working together in advance can be a wonderful way to get used to being photographed, and to how I work, putting you totally at ease come the big day. That way, I’m already a member of your community. I’ve also found that your swoony, dazzling wedding may be a dream, but it won’t represent the sweet, fulfilling normalcy of your daily life. Regular, old, casual you, in an environment that speaks to who you are, and what you care about. You will almost certainly love the results of a pre-wedding shoot and benefit from the experience. Check out some samples of awesome engagement adventures here.

What about traditional family photos at the wedding? Do you do that?

Not only do I do it, but I encourage it. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to do family formals most of the time. Quick story: as a pretty nontraditional person, I decided to forgo family formal photos at my own wedding. A few months after all the dust settled, my mom wistfully said “It’s so sad how we didn’t take any posed family photos at the wedding.” It broke my heart a little, as I hadn’t considered that it would be important to her, and it would’ve been so easy to do. So this, my friends, is a lesson I pass on to you. While I don’t often feature these in my portfolio, I do consider them important and worth the time. Ask your family if this is something they’re hoping for!


What's this about you being a dance maniac at weddings?

Uh-oh. Secret’s out. My cover is blown. I am Iron Man. I mean, a dance maniac. Yes, let it be known here and now: I will dance with you, I will dance with your guests, I will be a menace on the dance floor, all the while shooting up a storm. Bonus: If you have your DJ play Journey, I will bust out my most impressive moves especially for you. And the photographs you get as a result are going to knock off the socks that you already danced through. ;)


How many images will you be giving us?

You’ll receive a minimum of 50 edited high-res images per hour that we shoot together. For an average 8-hour wedding, you’d end up with around 700+ images. So basically, lots and lots. I don’t skimp, but I won’t overwhelm you, either.

Are you Insured? Registered? Legit?

You bet I am, on all counts. If your venue needs to review my spiffy million-dollar liability policy, just say the word.

Do you have back-up gear? Do you back up our photos?

You bet I do! No less than three different camera bodies (Canon 5D Mark IIIs, which back your photos up in-camera), eight different lenses (prime L-series lenses, so basically, the bestest), four different flashes (I can handle any and all lighting situations), and an assortment of other gear come to every wedding with me. I’m ultra-prepared for everything this world can throw at me. I have redundant server storage at my office and I back everything up offsite as well. Your photographs are safe with me!