• We believe that people matter to each other
We believe that people matter to each other
Down Down Down
Really Matter.
And something happens when they get connected. Something hopeful and tender and dazzling,
like a million fireflies twinkling in the trees beside a silent river. But something comforting, too, like PB&J, or mac & cheese, or PB&J *on* mac & cheese (ew!).

There is magic in each of us. In unexpected places, like that funny spot behind your ear, or tucked into the back pocket of your jeans like an old ticket stub. Not hocus-pocus. Optimism and possibility and all those quirky, awkward, embarrassing, and amazing things we do with our favorite people when the world isn’t watching. There’s more in everything—people extending this tangible magic out to one another, powerfully criss-crossing, like the lasers from the photo-day backdrops of our braids ‘n’ braces schoolgirl years. Whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer, an engagement photographer, or a family photographer, the things that matter are the same. Your silly, tender, raucous community matters. Your sweet, wild, inspired connection matters. And that’s where we come in. To preserve the fleeting, unexpected moments that are intangibly connecting people, and to tell the story that those moments add up to.

Let’s chase fireflies. Let’s consume hearty bowls of mac and cheese. Let’s throw caution into the wind. Let’s get connected. LET’S FROLIC TOGETHER.